Celebrating creation...


Life itself is overwhelmingly improbable, but still, it's there!

The marvels of nature are fascinating, faces itself in endless variations, it never bores...

But where to begin? I see a developement within myself, first merely recording beauty,

...nowadays attempting to capture emotional moments...


Nikon D70 met Nikkor 80-200 2.8 AF

Bizarre volcanic rocks at Lake Bafa Gölu, Turkey

Dutch river boat on the "Eems canal"


hagedis priene   -- Sigma 70-300 AF-D Zwitserland Appenzell uitzicht vanaf Hoher Kasten  -- Nikkor 17-70 Ed DX  --

Lizzard - Turkey - Priene

Appenzell - Switzerland - view from  "Hoher Kasten"