The golden autumn light...

People have always been fascinated by these mysterious life forms.

Unfortunately, people were also afraid of them, associated them with occultism, witches, and therefore were considered a threat to be eliminated...

Nowadays, with the era of witch-hunting far behind, we can admire them in abundance.

As soon as the days grow shorter, I pack my camera bag for a "hunt" of images.


Normally, i only publish my own images, but my wife made such a fine image from this one, I just had to publish it...


By the way...

I noticed that it was very hard to determine which one is called what.

Fortunately I found Hollands leading specialist,

Dr M.E. Noordeloos of the National University of Holland,

kind enough to  name them for me.


The great Parasolmushroom, proudly resisting the hard windy conditions of the dutch dunes


The King bolete, pictured differently.

This one was almost 30 centimetres!   I found it in a park under oak trees.


- Ink cap  - Coprinus plicatilis - Macro shot

Fly agaric serie  - Amanita muscaria

They are all very different... one can see clearly...

... can't you?  

False pixie cup - Cladonia chlorophaea  -  an organism, a symbiotic algae

Red brick cap  -  Hypholoma sublateritium

I couldn't find an English name, anyone an idea?  - Tricholomopsis rutilans

Pine sulphur tuft - Hypholoma capnoides

Thick maze oak polypore    Daedalea quercina  - Only to be found on oaks (quercina..)

Sulphur tuft, Hypholoma sublateritium