Natures' richness...

MAKING bird pictures requires huge amounts of patience. Also, I find it essential to take great care not to disturb the wildlife.

Some time ago I read an article in the newspapers about a very small bird, called a red flanked bluetail, the spotters and photographers almost destroyed the surroundings....

Anyhow,  please enjoy nature, but don't spoil it!


April / mei 2008

It was possible for me to visit my favourite dutch island once again. It is Texel of course!

the main reason was to capture additional bird images with my newly aquired AF-Nikkor 300mm F4.

Some images are clickable, so that you can view more of that particular species!

Larus argentatus   D70 &  Nikkor 300mm F4 + 2x converter

couple Eider ducks - Somateria mollissima - D70 & 300mm F4 + 2x 1,7x converter

Avocet - Recurvirostra avonsetta - D70 & 300mm F4 + 1,7x converter

Lapwing - Vanellus vanellus - D70 & Maksutov 1000mm + 2x converter!!!

Spoonbill - Platalea leucorodia - D70 & AF 300mm F4 + 1,7x converter

Thanks to my new AF-tele Nikkor 300mm it is now possible for me to capture birds in flight!

Wild goose - Anser anser - D70 & Nikkor AF-S 70-300 VR + 1,7x converter


Whitethroat - Sylvia communis - D70 + AF Nikkor 300mm F4 + 2x converter

Here a whitethroat very busy with it's nest. It's obvious to see how this bird got it's name!

Curlew - Numenius arquata - D70 & AF-Nikkor 300mm F4 + 1,7x converter

From the high observation dune at Ecomare-Texel, a silhouet of a Curlew...

Shags - Phalacrocorax carbo - D70 + AF Nikkor300mm F4 + 1,7x converter

At low tide, these Shags on "Westerslag"  beach dam, resting after looking for food...

Black headed gulls  - Larus Ridibundus - D70 & AF nikkor 300mm F4 + 1,7x converter

Here, the black headed gulls are nesting. They are being constantly attacked by common sterns. Just look how agitated they are, looking up, and are hoping the best of it!



I was not the ony photographer around, as you can see!


 Friday, may 9th 2008.

Blackcap (female) - Sylvia atricapilla - D70 met AF-Nikkor 300mm F4 + 3x converter

That day, I was very busy testing my new setup with a 3x Kenko Pro300 teleconverter, suddenly I noticed some unusual bird. I quickly reacted, and made this (unfortunately poor) shot.

It was the first time I saw her in my garden. Hope she comes back and brings her husband too! 


  March 2008.

My wife gave me a new lens for my birthday, a new Nikkor 70-300 VR AF-S.

The lens is to be used in poor lighting conditions, I went to Slochteren, and there, in a patch of trees, there was a colony of blue herons, just waiting especially for me to be photographed!

Blue Heron - Ardea Cinerea -  D70 with  70-300 VR & 1,7x teleconverter

Do you notice the red beaks?

Dit you know they really, and only,  have that during breeding-time?

Later on they turn yellowish again, maybe they like each other better with red beaks...?

To make these images, I combined the 70-300 AFS-VR with a 1,7x TC

The AF doesn't work anymore, but who the heck needs AF with all these branches anyway? The main thing is that VR still worked perfectly, and made manual focus really easy!

Blue Heron - Ardea Cinerea -  D70 with 70-300 VR & 1,7x teleconverter

So using a TC with this lens IS possible, Nikon!


Owl's portrait...

Long eared owl  -  Asio otus


Great spotted woodpecker - Dendrocopos major - D70 with Maksutov 1000mm mirror - March 25th, 2007.

"I live in an agricultural environment, these birds belong in the woods..."!!!

...was the first thougt I had, seeing this woodpecker in my garden! Click on the bird to enter...


Between Groningen and Thesinge, close to the windmill, the moorhens are feeding their children...




On july the 21st, the longest day, it was raining very hard. Nature however, continues to show her beauty. Life goes on.

Suddenly, a Jay appeared...

In the pouring rain, this Eurasian Jay took a peek into my garden...


The icterine warbler.. a merry little one it is!

A beautiful swan, drying her wings....

On the Texel beach, I discovered these lovable birdies,

Ringed Plovers.


A bar-tailed Godwit

A wren,

I just love this bird, especially because of the beautiful tail arrangement

Of course I had to have an image of a Robin.

They are quick movers in dark places, so a real challenge THEY ARE!

These are quite common in my village, but I wanted one to pose just like this one did...

Looking for frogs, it wandered almost into my garden, the blue Heron...


Chaffinch - Fringilla coelebs

Lately, I bought a Russian 500mm lens, a mirror of course, and it renders great pictures!

Female blackbird- Turdus merula - 1-4-2006

She was pulling out worms, as she noticed my movement, she looked at me as if she said,


Don't you agree?


two swans in winterland - Cygnus olor - 14 maart 2006


A pheasant - Phasianus colchicus - 7-2-2006

He was scared by a passing car, and fled into a plum tree, not the sturdiest of trees...

OOHHH where have I got myself into now???

Blackbird - Turdus merula - 29-12-2005

You can almost see it being cold...

Fieldfare or Deepee  - Turdus pilaris - 28-12-2005

In my orchard, I spotted this beauty, I had to take the image through the window, not as sharp as I wanted it though...

First time I ever saw one by the way!

Starling - Sturnus vulgaris - 3-10-2005

In their brand new suits, awaiting migration....


Starling - Sturnus vulgaris - 1-10-2005

One of my first images taken with the MTO11CA 1000mm miror lens. Very sharp!

I was delighted

Long eared owl  - Asio otus - 24-7-2005 met Tokina 500mm

The grandness of these birds!

The 5 of them had chosen a tree in my garden, and they allowed me to visit them often.

It is considered GOOD LUCK to have them!