The Dutch island Texel in spring...


In the spring of 2006, I had the opportunity of visiting.

Texel is indeed a beautiful island.


a lonely pallet on the beach... -  D70 with Sigma 70-300 DL2

A rough north-werstern wind, temperature about 10 degrees, clear views,

total enjoyment!

sea gulls -  Larus argentatus -  adults and youngsters together - D70 met Sigma 70-300 DL2

We were not alone though...

sea gull -  Larus argentatus -  D70 met Sigma 70-300 DL2

This seagull, very common, doesn't it  look fine against the blue sky?

De Slufter - Texel - May 2006 - Nikon D70 met 18-70mm DX met polarisatiefilter

One of the finest nature reserves in Holland, the Slufter.

Here, salt and fresh water are continuesly mixed, resulting in a unique eco-system of plants and animals

Yellow wagtail - Motacilla flava - Nikon D70 met Maksutov 1000mm mirror on tripod

On the other side of the island, the east coast, there are muddy beaches and shallow salty pools, providing the local birds plenty of food. There I found this beautiful bird, a Yellow Wagtail

Jonge Sea Gull - Larus canus - Nikon D70 met Rubinar 500mm 5.6 mirror

At museum and wildlife centre "Ecomare" on Texel, this young gull awaits....


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