Panorama photography...



Capturing the feeling of wideness of a landscape is very difficult. Many of us have tried to solve that.

An idea seems to be to take a picture with a wide-angle lens, and crop off the upper and/or lower parts.  However, that means losing quite a few pixels!

A better appoach is to make a high resolution panorama image. It takes some time making and, afterwards, stitching, but the reward will be an image which almost overwhelmes the viewer with details!


july 19th, 2007 - Marignac-en-Diois  - Drome -  France

Blossoming lavender fields, imagine the scent!


During our visit, the mistral was blowing, the air was very dry, so no haze at all!

July 24th, 2007

A panorama of the Rhone valley seen from Mirmande, one of France's most beautiful villages.


Skyline Thesinge (Netherlands)

H-10cm x B-85cm of H-23cm x B-121cm.


 October 28th 2007- Autumn Skyline Thesinge

H-33cm x B-120cm.


everyone living in Thesinge should have a copy of one of these images!


 City skyline Groningen (Netherlands)

On the large picture, you can see that the Martinitoren is leaning a bit towards the left.



Febr. 15, 2007 

On a sunny winters day, standing on top of a 12 story building, I had the opportunity of making some fine shots.

The result was a 3 meter wide panorama image in fine art 300 dpi quality. It is almost impossible to show the impact of this image on the internet...

By clicking on the main panorama image, you will see a 400px wide image. The real thing however is 34500px wide...

In the center are our "beloved" two towers, the Martinitoren  and the  Aa kerktoren .


Mont Blanc & Lac Leman

Geneva Lake & Mont Blanc  -   1.60mtr x 28cm - 183Mb 300dpi fine art

This panorama shows Europe's highest mountain range, behind te Geneva Lake.

This great panorama was shot by a dear friend of mine, I was rewarded with stitching and editing. We both are very happy with the result.

After printing, drying...


Series Germany 2006

The River Main curve, at Wertheim, taken from the castle above the city


The breathtaking interiors of the famous "Ursulinenkirche" in the bavarian city Straubing, north of Munich, Germany.



Ancient Turkey, autumn 2005

Efeze / Ephesus ,  the old city... 

I spent the entire day there, and enjoyed the marvels and wonders of the ancient city. I would recommend some reading before visiting.

a view of the upper part of the city...


Amfitheater Ephesus - dimensions: 1.35mtr x 50cm  300dpi fine art quality, 271MB

A HI-RES image of the EPHESUS great amphitheatre, composed of 2 rows of 8 shots each... Every crack and stone appears!

This technique results in some amusing effects, the boy in the red shirt, in fact my son,  appears 3 times.

 This is also the "biblical" site where St Paul met Demetrius the silver blacksmith.


Another amazing city, PRIENE, one of the Ionian cities, also has some remarkable ruins. This one is a panorama of the central Theatre.

Priene used to have a harbour, but today the great turkish river "Meander" needs about 15 kilometres more to reach the sea...

This city has almost been left untouched...


...but it is very impressive



Serie Landscapes surrounding Thesinge:

On february, the 16th, I was granted this great view.

Only after rushing with camera, into my back yard, still in my pyjamas!


Uitzicht op Thesinge  Panoramafoto

A view upon the northwestern side of the village, made in may 2006. Displayed upon the wall, it reveals the curtains in the houses...

The Groningen-countryside at it's  best


Inbetween some showers, the sun appeared, and gave the dutch landscape it's vivid greens.

Image series made with an 85mm at F:32 

G.N. Schutterlaan Thesinge

Thesinge, spring, the G.N. Schutterlaan...



Termunterzijl (Groningen Netherlands):

The famous Dutch water technology, old and new combined in one image.

At the left the pumping stion "Cremer" and on the other side "Rozema" 

Gemaal Termunterzijl Gemaal Cremer Gemaal Rozema Sluizen Termunterzijl

Made on october the 2nd. 2005,  11 seperate images, and printed on february the 20th 2006.  





This one was made from a large buisness building, overlooking the south-west part of the city of Groningen. This one overwhelmes one with stunning details...



Look, a 100% portion, try and find it!!