What about this website?

Why even bother making it?

I have discoverd that the internet is a place where people trade, expess opinions, sell things, advertise etc

This site covers my ambitions about trying to be a better photographer every day, as well as expressing my opinions about creation.

That's right, allthough I'm not exactly a christian, I am totally convinced that there is a creator, and his (or it's) power and majesty can be seen and experienced just by looking at "creation".

I think, photography is capable of transferring energy (sensed as emotions, feelings etc.) to individuals.

Just like music, paintings, sculptures, ballet, photography celebrates creation! We don't have to beleive in this, to be an active participant.

WE ARE ALL PART OF IT, and are all unified by the creator.


The beginning.

My dear old Voigtländer.

Given to me by my father, who bought it in the fifties in Australia.

Photography runs in our family, all family members, present and past have done it.


Voigtlander Bessamatic en toebehoren



As a 12-year old child, Dad offered me his old camera, which, by the way, still works great!

It's 50mm standard lens still offers high quality images!

I used it very often, and I made hundreds of slides with it. On holidays, during a walk, the "men" in the family "took great care to record every inch of the landscape". 

As a kid, I dreamt of large telephoto lenses, which would fit om my Bessamatic, to capture hidden animals in the trees and fields.

Later we all switched to the Pentax K-system, and together we obtained a large amount of SUPERfine Pentax glass.

I never lost the passion...

It really got moving with the purchase of my Nikon D70 in 2004. To buy it, I had to sell my analogue Pentax equipment. Allthough I sometimes miss the Pentax, I am very happy with my Nikon, the F-system allows me to use almost anything ever made for Nikon.


I love to seek out motives other people hardly notice...

Ink cap - Coprinus  -   Ginkelse heide 2004  -- Sigma 70-300 AF-d --

Ink cap 

 - Coprinus plicatilis -

I found this one on the "Ginkelse heide" near Utrecht-NL. This mushroom is only 1 centimetre large, you just have to get close to see the light reflecting....



Hey, that's me!!   with  Russentonne in action!

Here, I'm in "action" wit my 1000mm mirror,

Lately, I noticed, that, if I stay at one spot at a time for a longer period, and be quiet and patient, I am rewarded with the acceptance of nature. Very spiritual rewarding indeed!

Knobbelzwaan Cygnus olor  -- Maksutov 1000mm mirror --

The beauty of these swans, always together...

Furthermore, the mirror bokeh shows here, but I don't find it displeasing.

I have found that it's not neccesery at all to travel far.  Great pics can be made in your own neighbourhood...

How about examining the skies, see some planes! You'll be amazed!

In a picture editor, I have created an extreme vignetting effect ( it's not the Maksutov standard image...haha), to direct your attention to the plane.


Viaanse Molen   Netherlands   D70 with Tokina 12-24mm ATX-pro

The Viaanse molen - Alkmaar, Netherlands

Important to me, because my aunt and uncle live and work there. My uncle still works with this mill!   I remember, that, as a child from Australia, I was amazed about this immaculate structure! Now, my own children receive the same hospitality!

We visit often.